What we do

We are a vertically integrated agribusiness involved in all aspects of growing mushrooms. We produce compost, grow, harvest and pack our mushrooms before delivering directly to our customers. This gives us complete visibility over the quality of our mushrooms, from spore to store.


Step 1

There are many processes involved before our mushrooms arrive on the supermarket shelves.  We believe that goodness in, equals goodness out—that the mushrooms we grow are only as good as the substrate they’re grown from. Making mushroom substrate is a complex process that we’ve been perfecting for 30 years.

Growing & Harvesting

Step 2

All the familiar mushrooms you see in the supermarket are grown indoors, all year round. During the growing process, we re-create the conditions of a typical autumn morning. This is the time of the year mushrooms flourish.


Step 3

After harvesting, mushrooms are prepared for sale and packaged for our customers. We have many different standards in place during the preparation and packing process to quality check our mushrooms. As a vertically integrated business, our systems can trace each pack of mushrooms directly back to the farm and the harvester who picked them.

Sales & Marketing

Step 4

We don’t just deliver quality, fresh mushrooms to our customers. We also deliver quality customer service. Our Sales and Marketing teams help our customers manage their category. We analyse sales and usage data to understand the local market, analyse consumer needs and develop new products.

Research & Development

Step 5

We can always be better.  As well as researching the nutritional benefits of mushrooms and improving packaging, we’re looking for ways to improve every aspect of our production cycle. By collaborating with universities and research institutes, we hope to grow the global market which in turn will help us, and our customers.