Brighten up your day with Vitamin D Mushrooms

25th August, 2016

Brighten up your day with Vitamin D Mushrooms

The summer may be drawing to a close, but that doesn’t mean that the sunshine has to leave our lives. Shine a light on your diet with vitamin D enriched mushrooms.

According to FSAI (Food Safety Authority of Ireland) studies in Ireland have revealed that low vitamin D status and vitamin D deficiency are widespread in the population of Ireland as we can’t get enough vitamin D from the sun at these latitudes, where it was previously thought that with enough time outside this was possible. This makes getting vitamin D from the diet a must.

Vitamin D deficiency is a widely recognised health issue in Ireland which causes a range of issues including bad heart health, poor immunity, weak bones and other diseases.

Monaghan Mushrooms has developed a unique product which gives 100% of your daily Vitamin D in just 1 single serving.  We give the mushrooms light and though a natural process they make vitamin D, just like wild outdoor grown mushrooms. Mushrooms have the ability to produce vitamin D, similar to humans when exposed to sunlight meaning you can get your daily dose of the sunshine vitamin in just 1 portion (3 mushrooms), amazing or what!

Research shows that health and wellness is now top of mind for shoppers, with 3 in 5 mushroom shoppers describing themselves as health conscious.“We strongly believe that mushrooms are the food for the future and we know that they can help people to be more healthy”, said Geoff Taylor, Product Manager in Monaghan Mushrooms.

He went on to say that “Vitamin D deficiency is very common in Ireland, so we wanted to help with this problem and we are very excited that Vitamin D mushrooms will now be available to purchase in all your local Dunnes Stores and SuperValu supermarkets”.

Vitamin D Mushrooms taste just like regular brown mushrooms and the vitamin D is still good after cooking making it easier for shoppers to get their vitamin D.

*Vitamin D Mushrooms are available to buy now in your local Dunnes Stores and SuperValu stores.*