It’s time to spark up the BBQ!

17th June, 2016

It’s time to spark up the BBQ!

With summer-time well and truly upon us, it is a great time to start thinking about delicious summer meals.  With the sun-shining and the longer evenings, BBQ’s are now at the top of everyone’s mind.

In the past BBQ’s were often considered to be enjoyed only by meat-eaters, however food has changed and of course wonderful for us, mushrooms are now a staple on the grill.

Mushrooms make the perfect addition to your BBQ menu; they can be enjoyed on the BBQ in a variety of different ways – grilled, skewed or blended into a delicious meat-free burger.

With this in mind, we give you the ultimate Blue Cheese Mushroom Burger recipe created in collaboration with The Flexitarian which brings mushrooms to the forefront of your meal, a definite winner around the table.

The ultimate Blue Cheese Mushroom Burger is made using delicious chestnut mushrooms. Simply chop the chestnut mushrooms (finely) to match the texture of meat and use in place of beef mince to make delicious vegetarian burgers.  The finely chopped chestnut mushrooms look similar and blend seamlessly into a minced beef look, so recipes such as burgers, tacos, lasagne and meatballs can be made more healthy and satisfying without losing taste or sacrificing texture.

This is the perfect recipe for those who want to enjoy BBQ season, whilst remaining healthy and reducing their meat intake.

So let’s get cooking!

Get this amazing recipe and many more vegetarian and vegan options to cook over the summer over at The Flexitarian