Monaghan Mushrooms launch Forestiere® mushrooms, a new mushroom variety

12th August, 2011

Monaghan Mushrooms launch Forestiere® mushrooms, a new mushroom variety

The first new mushroom variety to be launched in 30 years is to go on sale across the UK tomorrow. Called the Forestiere® Mushroom, the new mushroom is also sweeter than traditional varieties and when it is cooked its colour doesn’t run out like with other mushroom varieties. The Forestiere® mushroom was developed by Monaghan Mushrooms in conjunction with Sylvan, the world’s largest spawn manufacturer.

Tesco mushroom buyer Simon Mandelbaum said, “Unlike other mushrooms the Forestiere® mushroom does not seep out its colour when being cooked so by using them in dishes like mushroom risotto they won’t turn out with a tinge of brown.”

Work began in 2006 and three strains were of mushroom were identified as the best possibilities to develop a new variety. Monaghan Mushrooms group marketing manager Stephen Allen said, “We developed the Forestiere® mushroom because we wanted to discover a mushroom that offered customers a new taste experience and gave them something new.
“Mushrooms lovers and aficionados had said to us over the years that nothing came close to the taste of a freshly picked field mushroom. When we started the project we set out to discover a new mushroom that had all the taste and flavour of a field mushroom yet at the same time looked familiar, was very versatile and could be used in a wide variety of foods.”

Forestiere® mushrooms will be available in 400 Tesco stores across the UK.