Passionate about quality

After harvesting, mushrooms are prepared for sale and packaged for our customers. We have many different specifications in place during the preparation and packing process to quality check our mushrooms. As a vertically integrated business, our systems allow full tractability from farm to customer.

All our preparation and packhouse operations are located close to or on the same site as the farm, helping minimise the time between harvest and the delivery of the packaged product to the customer. We’ve invested in state-of-the-art packing facilities, allowing us to regulate temperatures to maximise freshness.

When products are received from the farm, they are graded to ensure they are in line with customer requirements. The mushrooms are then sent to the production line for packing. Once packed, the mushrooms are loaded onto refrigerated lorries for delivery to customers’ depots or directly to their stores.

State of the art facilities

All of the above operations are carried out in a temperature-controlled environment to ensure maximum product freshness for the customer. There are numerous in-process inspection and quality checks, carried out by our quality control professionals.

We offer a number of different packing solutions such as wrapping, top-sealing or bagging. Our customers are offered a multitude of product mixes that can be tailored to their specifications, including sliced or whole mushrooms. We also have an ongoing process of improving our packaging solutions, ensuring that our customers are offered the latest innovation.