Growing & Harvesting

Growing & Harvesting

Perfect growing conditions

All the familiar mushrooms you see in the supermarket are grown indoors, all year round.

During the growing process, we re-create the conditions of a typical autumn morning. This is the time of the year mushrooms flourish. We carefully monitor and control the conditions inside our growing houses to create this perfect environment for growth

We fill shelves in our growing houses with spawned compost, which is then topped with a layer of peat. The mushroom spores begin to grow up through the compost over the next 3 or 4 days.

Our growing houses are equipped with the latest technology in mushroom production to ensure consistently high quality products.

Careful harvesting

All our mushrooms are handpicked using a unique one touch picking technique to keep our mushrooms in top condition. Mushrooms are placed directly into punnets and quickly cooled to help lock in freshness. All our mushrooms are picked to a certain specification and then graded to meet the standards of our customers. All of our expert harvesters complete  twelve-weeks of training, to make sure that quality is never compromised.

All our mushrooms are then transported in specifically designed refrigerated trucks to our packing facilities. After the crop of mushrooms has been harvested, we reuse the compost as a soil conditioner. The growing rooms are then washed, ready for a new growing cycle.