Our brands

Our brands

Monaghan Mushrooms sell and market two mushroom brands across Ireland, the UK and Canada.

Belle Grove®


The BELLE GROVE® mushrooms brand is produced in our farm in Campbellville, Ontario. BELLE GROVE® mushrooms bring a range of fresh mushrooms to the Canadian market. As well as white mushrooms, crimini and portabella’s, we also sell a range of exotic mushrooms, with oyster, shiitake and enoki mushrooms. 

Visit the website: http://www.bellegrove.ca/


Forestiere® Mushrooms


The FORESTIERE® Mushroom variety is unique to Monaghan Mushrooms. FORESTIERE® mushrooms differ from conventional white and brown agaricus mushrooms. They have a more natural, wild appearance with a golden caramel cap and fluffy white edges. FORESTIERE® mushrooms are the only mushroom that is naturally sporeless. One of the unique advantages of using the Forestiere® mushroom when cooking, is that it keeps a firm shape after cooked, and retains its golden colour.